Reasons Why People Are Moving To Florida

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The Sunshine State provides one sunny outlook when it comes to growth. So, why Florida is one of the most attractive destinations out there for people of all ages to lay down their roots? From the weather and the business environment to the culture and recreation, we’ve put together eleven of the most important reasons why everyone is moving to Florida.

Let’s explore why Florida is the all-around best place to be!

1.           The Numbers Don’t Lie – When we say that it seems like everyone is moving to Florida – well, we’re not lying! We actually have the numbers here to back that up. Let’s take a look at this report from the Orlando Weekly in July of 2019. They cite statistics from the Demographic Estimating Conference saying that around 300,000 people move to Florida every year. For some context, that means that the entire population of Cincinnati or St. Louis is moving to Florida every year. The study also states that the population of Florida will hit almost 23 million by 2024 (with the population currently at a little over 21 million).

2.           Bright (Bright) Sunshiny Day – Who wouldn’t want to live in such a beautiful weather state? According to the online Weather Atlas, Florida boasts the warmest environment of all the American states. The state averages over 70 degrees in temperature, features 2,800 hours of sunlight a year. There’s little (if any) snowfall in the state, and the temperature rarely tops 100 degrees. Another bonus? The cleanest air quality of any United States state.

3.           The Taxman (Doesn’t) Cometh – Don’t like income tax? Florida is the place to be! Florida is one of the nine states in the union that features no state income tax. In fact, the overall tax burden in Florida is third-lowest in the entire country. That’s one attractive bottom-line benefit to living in the sunshine state.

4.           A Great Place to Work – For those seeking high-quality employment in growing organizations, Florida is the place to be. The state is chock-full of blossoming, profitable institutions to work at – everywhere from Disney and NASA to Florida State and Carnival Cruise Lines. With a quality, expanding corporate base, Florida boasts a thriving economy for the 21st century.

5.           A Good Walk, Spoiled – Want to get away on the weekends (or during the week) to play some golf? Florida is the state to be in. The state’s remarkable natural environment makes it a perfect place to start swinging away. The list of the best golf resorts in Florida includes highlights like the Jack Nicklaus-designed Hammock Beach in Palm Coast, the Reunion (with courses from Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tom Watson), and the tree-lined Innisbrook in Palm Harbor. Another fact about Florida’s golf bona fides? It’s the home to the great Tiger Woods!

6.           Go Downtown – Very few places in the United States can offer a remarkable amount of big-city entertainment that Florida does. The sprawling southern metropolis of Miami features some of the world’s most magnificent nightlife, cuisine, culture, and entertainment options throughout. Tampa Bay, on the state’s west coast, is a center for business and arts with a relaxing, entertaining vibe. In the heart of central Florida, Orlando is a hot spot for entertainment – with plenty of theme parks and destinations to entertain people of all ages. In the north of Florida, Jacksonville is a center for commerce and one of the state’s fastest-growing cities. Beyond those big cities, there’s the thriving capital of Tallahassee, the college town of Gainesville, the sun-splashed wonder of Key West, and much, much more.

7.         Beach Day – With the state’s incredible weather comes one of the best beach destinations in the world. With 1,200 miles of sandy beaches kissed by the sun and blessed with gentle breezes, there’s no better place in the world to get a suntan and kick back with a drink and a book. Stop off at the relaxing, laid-back beaches at Key West, or the new and stylish spots on Miami Beach. Siesta Key is an excellent option for families, and Clearwater Beach boasts crystal-clear water and plenty of activities for visitors.

8.           An Economic Powerhouse – Florida is one of the fastest-growing places in America when it comes to economic opportunities. State-wise, it’s the fourth-biggest economy in the United States – and would rank 17th in the world if judged outside the United States. As examined a few years ago, tourism alone added over 100 billion dollars to the Florida coffers annually. Even more intriguing, the solar job market – powered by all the sunshine in the state – is growing tremendously throughout Florida.

9.           Get Outside! There’s nothing like the natural environment in Florida. The astonishing Everglades features some of the most remarkable flora and fauna on Earth, with plenty of unique wildlife and natural creations to admire. If that’s not enough, there’s also the natural wonders around Lake Okeechobee – known as Florida’s “Inland Sea,” and the third-largest freshwater lake entirely in the United States. In North Florida, the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve offers some remarkable historical attractions along with some tremendous natural beauty. That’s only a small chunk of the natural beauty of Florida! Oh, and not only is the state an excellent place for golf, but it’s also a fantastic place for other outdoor activities. There are around 100,000 campsites throughout Florida, with over 700 campgrounds. Approximately six million people camp out in Florida every year. Along with camping, there is plenty of hiking, exploring, biking, off-roading, and other outdoor activities that one can do throughout the state. It’s the perfect place to take advantage of nature.

10.       Game On! How could we have a list of the great things in Florida and not mention our fantastic sporting scene? There’s incredible college football and basketball across the state, at the University of Miami, Florida, Florida State, Central Florida, and much more. Professional baseball thrives in Miami and Tampa Bay. The NHL’s Lightning are a perennial title contender, and the Panthers are up-and-coming. The Buccaneers, Dolphins, and Jaguars have rabid fanbases. Of course, there’s also the Heat in Miami. If rooting for a team is something you love to do, Florida’s the place to be!

11.       Lots of Transportation Opportunities. Florida is easy to get to and get out of. There are 19 major commercial airports throughout the state, along with 12 international ports and 14 deepwater ports. There’s also a comprehensive freeway system that provides easy transportation throughout the state. It’s a quick, convenient place to travel to and around!

12.       Location, Location, Location.  The real estate markets in Florida are nothing short of booming. Although almost 1,000 people move to Florida every day, the state offers areas of open land in relatively close proximity to major metropolitan areas. Take, for instance, the booming areas of Martin County. This area, commonly referred to as Florida’s Treasure Coast, is experiencing double-digit growth as the population swells in areas like Jupiter and Palm Beach.  

This state-wide expansion promotes vast supplies of residential and commercial real estate accessible at almost every price point. From brand-new country clubs offering $250,000 price points to ocean-front mega-mansions trading above $50 million.  

Florida’s commercial markets are booming as well. Capital is flooding the markets with newer product offerings, reliable weather trends (except the occasional hurricane), and a tax-free environment.

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